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Want Some Studio is award winning illustrator
Marco Bevilacqua.

Marco creates detailed hand drawn pencil illustrations that incorporate portraits, typography and wee icons. The work is usually created with a range of fancy pens and pencils, some £1.00 felt tip pens from Lidl and a wee bit of digital from his studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

He is also the founder of Pissed Modernism; an annual graphic art exhibition which focuses on creating and facilitating political understanding and activism for positive social change in Scotland through the use of art. 

His work has been used in editorial, packaging, advertising, TV commercials, animations, exhibitions and murals.

Selected clients include: 

"He combines the savant ability of the best illustrators sardonic wit."
Design Week

"Meet the Charlie Brooker of illustration."
Computer Arts

“It’s like pop art with a pencil.”
Some guy I overheard at an exhibition

Me (above)

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e: wantsomestudio@gmail.com t: +44 (0) 7719 313129